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Tour of Africa by motorbike goes to Cape Town

You Kick Us Out Through The Door, We Get Inside Through The Window

[dropcaps color=’#393939′ background_color=” border_color=” type=”]T[/dropcaps]he cheap drama: 3 days of begging to get out referral visa applications in (a referral visa is a visa that must be approved by the embassy in your home country), 14 days of international calls and lies, 3 days of picketing the embassy in Windhoek, 85 euro for the actual stamps, 70 euro for docs that were never faxed to the embassy in Romania (who pocketed this fee?), 1000 km of detour to avoid waiting for a response in expensive Windhoek.

The (almost) unexpected result: 7 days to the expiration date of our Namibian visa, we got the permission to enter South Africa. [highlight color=’#393939′ background_color=’#ccff00′]We’re going to the Mother Town! [/highlight] Hopefully this visa, never approved by the embassy in Bucharest, is valid.

This is the route of ITW tour of Africa by motorbike so far

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