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Into South Africa

South Africa's Namaqua is famous for the annually flower displays, but there's more to it than the daisies.Thousands of dwarf succulents and bulbous plants and whatnot occur nowhere else but here, so after Soebatsfontein we headed towards the wilder stretch of the National Park, to experience nature's confetti in spectacular fashion, along the Atlantic coast.

Where Is The Most Lekker?

One of the most common questions people ask us is: ‘what is your favourite country in Africa?’.  Or, as the South-Africans say, ‘Where Is The Most Lekker?’ The reply always stuns. It is not South Africa, and it may make no sense to you, but let us explain why it’s not. I sit at the dinner […]


Johannesburg 28/04 – 10/05 Jozi City was on our exit route towards Botswana. A must stop to shop for parts for the second half of our African tour, possibly service the bike (pushing 50K now) and apply for visas in the the jure capital of SAR, Pretoria. All the previous information on Johannesburg spoke of […]

The Swastica, The Ironman, The Metal Jockey and The Magician 1

Couchsurfing: Garden Route, Port Elizabeth, Somerset East 11 – 15/04 We had left from Cape Agulhas in good spirits, but at that time of the year the day was short and evenings too chilly for our summer gear. I had lost my gloves long time ago, in Windhoek, and my spare pair had been baked […]