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Africa 420 – Romania 1

Turkey – Bulgaria – Romania 30/07 – 02/08 We knew the drill. We had a killer time. We came, we saw, we hung with the people, we went to bed late, we forgot to stay with the programme. Next morning our mission was to cut across central Turkey, from Cappadocia to the Aegean coast. Too […]

Ramadan In Cairo

Cairo 19 – 24/07/2012 The Tale of the Jewish Physician’ from the ‘Thousand and One Arabian Nights’ (now believed by scholars to have been written by a Cairene in the late medieval period) contains this text: “He who hath not seen Cairo hath not seen the world: her soil is gold, her Nile is a […]

The Nile Valley And The Red Sea Coast

Egypt 17 – 19/07/2012 As we were informing in a ‘fast forward’, after long negotiations and after paying for the Aswan and Hurghada mafia’ s Ramadan, we finally had our own egyptian no. plates and CpD. Freeing my mike from the shabby barge brought us to tears. The port looked like a dump, but we […]

Trapped In Travel Purgatory

Photo taken from the ferry by Carola during the crossing of Lake Nasser from Wadi Halfa to Aswan Egypt, Aswan 11 – 17/07/2012 Day 398 of our journey. We were finally in front of the ‘Arrival Hole’ (sic!) to Egypt, but more than 2 millennia late. The ancient egyptians had long disappeared, leaving behind a […]


Sudan 06 – 11/07/2012 In climatically harsh corners of the world, access for routine measurements and maintenance of a weather station is impractical, so the infrared energy emitted by land can only be detected with NASA satellites. These are their [highlight color=’#393939′ background_color=’#ccff00′]top ten highest ever recorded air temperatures on the planet [/highlight] (in degrees […]