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The Tale Of Three Silk Road Cities – SAMARKAND

Samarkand… The name is enough to make us dream of giant empires, cruel warriors, but also splendid Koranic schools, traders and heroes. Some of the most celebrated monument of the Islam have survived here the ebb of two ambitions: Timurid and bolshevik. Registon – the monumental ensemble that has urged UNESCO to add in 2001 […]

The Tale Of Three Silk Road Cities – BOKHARA

From Khiva to Bokhara we continue riding together with Phil. Next stop: the ancient Silk Road cities scattered in the Kizilkum desert. Once resplendent, today little more that a blob of dirt, they are knows as the sand-castles of Uzbekistan. Even if the sights are not as impressive as their history, the trail leading to […]

The Story Of Three Silk Road Cities – KHIVA

On the outskirts of Moynak we hit the trouble zone. We barely find 80 petrol, but no ATM and no sign of any other way to get cash. After we feed our metal horses we order a plate of mantı in a local bistro. While we eat we are approached by a group pf foreigner: […]

Where Is The Aral Sea?

After lengthy procedures at the Uzbek border we manage to sort out our papers and exit to a wide empty wind-swept field. We meet Axel, a French engineer traveling by Ural side-car, but the sand storm prevents us from spending the night together. While we decide to pitch a few yards off the road, Axel […]