The Tale Of Three Silk Road Cities – BOKHARA

From Khiva to Bokhara we continue riding together with Phil. Next stop: the ancient Silk Road cities scattered in the Kizilkum desert. Once resplendent, today little more that a blob of dirt, they are knows as the sand-castles of Uzbekistan.

Even if the sights are not as impressive as their history, the trail leading to their locations are fun to ride. Not to mention that we meet quite a few locals eager to chat and more!

Tonight we camp by a lake. Don’t these KTM, DRZ and Xchallenge machines look handsome together?

It’s too dirty to swim, but it’s a nice and quiet place. We shower with the bottle, Ana goes for a trail jog, me and Phil for some sand fun.

Next day we reach Bokhara, where locals congregate around the central pond, taking photos, playing chess and domino, eating sweets and ignoring the monumental surroundings.

The old city has an undeniable charm. The architecture is more refined and the soviets has allowed the building to age gracefully. Even if the central square is zooming with locals, the historical sites are quiet and dreamy.

Back to Lab-i Hauz we see the crowd doing its thing.

This KTM is the biggest piece of shit in the world, I hear a voice behind me. Jon and Andrew are from the UK and they have embarked on a RTW tour by 690. They had a bunch of problems, so I get why Jon says this, even if I cannot agree with his opinion. As I have the data cable with me, we run a diagnostic. Only the next day they will solve the issue, after they discover that a hose was not fitted properly. Wishing them good luck, we say also good bye to Phil, who has decided to stay with them for a while, as we continue to Samarkand.


Vizualizaţi 2013 – Uzbekistan pe o hartă mai mare


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