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Thank You to Our South African Sponsors

[dropcaps color=’#393939′ background_color=” border_color=” type=”]A[/dropcaps]lmost two months in the South African cosmopolitan jungle has taken a toll on our wallets and moods. I guess we felt encouraged by Gui and we thought the corporate world would fall on its ass learning how we had arrived here with no sponsor, but it was not like that at all. Fundraising and scouting for sponsors eats into the good spirit, we even started to despise ourselves. Then, when least expected, we met some wonderful, generous, positive people.

Thank you Linex Yamaha – the leading Johannesburg Yamaha dealership – for providing complimentary service for our bike. Thank you Danny, Roger, mechanic Jacques and the whole team! And thank you Yamaha South Africa for offering free genuine parts (clutch kit, brake pads, front brake discs, hub rubbers)

Thank you Arai South Africa for offering complimentary service for my Tour X3 helmet and a new visor.

Thank you Bike Gear, Porth Elizabeth for new ROK straps and an Air Hawk for my sore arse.

Also thank you: Wayne (for the waterproof HB bag), Dirt & Trail Magazine for the interview (www.dirtandtrail.co.za), Gear Up Durban (for fitting our tyre and friendly advice), cheers to the whole motorbiking community that helped us along: Charl, Bernard, Terry & Doryanne; and thanks to our super hosts: Iulia, Carla & Charl, JJ, Eric, Bernard, Martin & Camy and the fantastic Jones. Love u all.