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Cooking and Wildlife in Zambia

Breakfast: oats with milk, cinnamon and honey

Lunch: guacamole, tomatoes, cabbage raita with Italian herbs

Mini-quiche with feta cheese and wild leafy greens. Taste similar to spinach, but with a superior nutritive content.

A Romanian traditional dish that we cooked in Nsogwe, Livingstone for the very first time. We had to pickle the cabbage ourselves! These cabbage rolls are stuffed with beef mince, rice, onions, garlic, herbs and spices and slowly baked with tomatoes and shredded cabbage. The dish comes from the Middle East and various countries that were influenced by the Ottomans have their own version.

Local muhsrooms

The mushrooms were mixed with eggs, peri peri peppers, basil and marjoram to bake a big quiche

In the vast gardens of the Royal Livingstone live giraffes, zebras and springbok antelopes. Our first time encountering wildlife in Zambia, and also the first sighting in southern and central Africa since our volunteering stint in Nigeria.

Velvet monkey

Hartmann’s mountain zebra. Wildlife sightings cannot compare to any zoo.

The African football cup was underway while we were staying at Rapid 14, and soon after our departure our prophecy came true: Zambia become for the first time the champion! Long was forgotten the only incident: a spitting cobra sought shelter under our fridge – does this count as spotting wildlife in Zambia? – but the animal was quickly killed off by Wezee.


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