Tenere Adventure Preparation

Here is a thread that I started on the xt660.com forum regarding the modifications of the bike to make it fit for the big trip.

“Hello again everybody!!

As we’re preparing for a long journey throughout Europe and Africa I thought I should share some pics with my mod to the Tenere as I’m taking them.
Before I start I would like to thank everybody who contributed with precious info on this forum, especially all the admins. Things are much easier when you have all necessary info put together in one awesome place.

My first mod was the elimination of the snorkel (and setting the idle to ~1500rpm) mod I have done in the second day after I got back with the bike from Germany. Even without any fuel mod I can say that the tenere runs much better without it. I improvised a gasket from an car shaft boot that I had laying in the garage. It’s temporary thing till I’ll get the Unifilter foam thing. I also fitted a NGK CR7EIX Iridium Spark plug.”

Snorkel out

Temporary Gasket

Everything in place

Next I bought all the necessary parts and I built a Kev mod following Kev’s guidelines (big thanks KEV!!!) and after servicing the bike at Yamaha dealer I installed it and set it at 3o’clock. WOW!!! This is one completely new bike. The bike pulls so nice now from 3000rpm all the way to 7000. No more heavy vibrations between 2500 and 4000. Those two mods I would recommend them to everybody riding an XT. They will completely improve your bike.

Needed parts

The final product

Everything in place (Except tank&seat)

Air sensor loom disconnected from the sensor

Air sensor loom prepared; Assessing wiring layout

KEVMOD soldered in place

Tank in place; KEVMOD final position

Next Mod: KTM plastic handguards. After waiting more than a week as the Bucharest KTM dealer haven’t had them on stock (how stupid is that!!!) I finally bought them and installed them on the bike. At first I install them without the crossbar (a little more vibey without it) but after a few days I managed to squeeze the crossbar back in. The only thing I had to change in order to make them fit was the clutch lever (I had to chop 1,5 cm of it). They fit really nice, are cheap (~50E) and look pretty sturdy. I forgot to mention that I kept the bar ends. I think it gets pretty vibey without them.

What you get in the package

Fitted HG

Next Mod: Cheap Ebay Footpegs. Nice mod, nice quality for the buck. Larger than OEM.

Fitted pegs

While installing the KEVMOD and removing the snorkel I started to play with my Leo Vince SBK Exhaust which I kept from my prev bike (Hornet 07). I’m lookin for a second one on the internet (as I think it looks better w. 2 cans and also will be quieter).

Standard Exhaust

Leo Can

Next Mod: Cush drive mod. After having a second flat in I guess 2 weeks, I had the chance to inspect the rubbers and they were pretty worn (almost 8000km). I used 2 patches of bicycle tube (~1,5 – 2mm thick) as with 3 I couldn’t squeeze the sprocket back in. Nice mod… now they will last a long time for sure. No pics there as I also cleaned my chain which is a pretty dirty job so no hands for the camera.

Next Mod: Puig Wind shield. Nice mod since with the OEM one I was getting some strong buffets (I’m 1,85m tall). The puig ws is about 8cm taller than the OEM one and it comes in different colours. I bought mine light smoke cause I thought that the dark smoke one is to dark for night driving. Here’s the link with the seller from ebay (fast dispatch, UPS shipping). I also changed the stupid OEM plastic screws with some allen black metal ones bought from local store. Is really stupid to fit plastic head screws to the ws as every time I wash the bike the ws has to come off to proper clean the area.

Puig Windshield Light Smoke

OEM comparison

Next Mod: AIS blocked. I used a plastic dowel pin (not sure if it’s the right translation since I used google translate on that) and a screw fitted from inside the airbox. Job done stops the popping (not completely since I fitted the Leo cans).

AIS Blocked

Next Mod: Leo Vince SBK GP-Style
Finally after getting the second can I went to a really nice guy who fitted them to my Tenere. He used 50mm ss for the “Y” connection pipe and also manufactured a new bracket, also ss. I love the job and the cans. They are on the loud side with baffles on and without them … are mental. I think it has to do with the volume of the cans which is a lot smaller than the original leo ovals.

Next Mod: Unifilter foam filter
I replaced the stock paper filter with a Unifilter foam filter which I bought directly from Unifilter Australian website (Unifilter) being cheaper than on the touratech website (pretty stupid). Because it has a prefilter (black foam part) it fits perfectly without the snorkel or any other mods (for example DNA stage 2 air intake).
I already ordered a DNA side filter which I intend to use only onroad and on light offroad (not very dusty situations). When thing will get very dusty I’ll swap back to the plastic side panel. On the way is also the Kev’s Stage 3 Fuel Mod which is designed to go with Stage 3 DNA side filter.

In the meantime I received the DNA Stage 3 side filter and the Stage 3 KEV Mod. WOOOW all those power mods turned the Tenere in a really smooth and powerful machine. Thanks Kev and Captmoto for the support.

I also got a new set of rubber, MT21 front and E09 at the back. First ride was awful but after a while I got used to them.

Here are some pics: