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Into Namibia

After a quick stop to re-supply in Tsunkwe, including 3 large bottles of Windhoek beer, we took a turn on the Bushman 4x4 Trail, into the Nyae Nyae Conservancy.

Hike to Romania’s highest peak

At 2544m, the aptly named Moldoveanu is Romania's highest mountain. It's located in South-Central Carpathians Mt., in the Western Fagaras range, which is notoriously beautiful and challenging to explore.

Thou Shalt Not Ride 2

The news catches with Ana and Baptiste in a Siberian stalov. They’ve stopped to borsch and stretch their legs. A client overhears their conversation in French and bursts into a French ballad. These Russians love the French, and as harsh their life is out here, they aren’t hopeless. To help with their mood, the Russians […]

Thou Shalt Not Ride

I decide to crawl back to Severobaikalsk, driving as gingerly as I can, so the ride back takes me twice as much as it did in the morning. On the way I have plenty of time to ponder my options. Time and money have become an issue. It’s Sunday afternoon; an attempt to find in […]

On the West BAM Track

About 3 a.m. I am awaken by freezing cold. I roll from one side to the other until 5, when I feel I cannot lay horizontally anymore. The sun will only come up after 8; waiting for it, I keep busy with the only thing that can warms me up – a pot of tea. […]