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Into South Africa

South Africa's Namaqua is famous for the annually flower displays, but there's more to it than the daisies.Thousands of dwarf succulents and bulbous plants and whatnot occur nowhere else but here, so after Soebatsfontein we headed towards the wilder stretch of the National Park, to experience nature's confetti in spectacular fashion, along the Atlantic coast.

Beauty Behind Fences in Etosha

HAPPY B DAY BETTY!!! Etosha 11-12/02 Etosha National Park, “The Great WEhite Place of Dry Water”, one of the largest wildlife reserves in the world. The numbers are bewildering: 93240 km2 1907, when the park was founded, are now 22912 km2. 114 species of mammals, over 340 species of birds, 11o species of reptiles and 16 […]