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Thou Shalt Not Ride

I decide to crawl back to Severobaikalsk, driving as gingerly as I can, so the ride back takes me twice as much as it did in the morning. On the way I have plenty of time to ponder my options. Time and money have become an issue. It’s Sunday afternoon; an attempt to find in […]

On the West BAM Track

About 3 a.m. I am awaken by freezing cold. I roll from one side to the other until 5, when I feel I cannot lay horizontally anymore. The sun will only come up after 8; waiting for it, I keep busy with the only thing that can warms me up – a pot of tea. […]

Of Troubles and Angels

Thursday 15th of August. In Ulaanbaatar the weather is shit for a walk around town, but as I’m leaving for Magadan, I couldn’t care less. I kiss Ana for good-bye, and in the heat of the moment we forget to capture it on a camera. If everything goes well we’ll reunite in circa 20 days. […]

The Russians And The Romanians Are Brothers

Back To Kazakhstan [vc_separator type=”transparent” position=”center” thickness=”1″ up=”10″ down=”10″ separator_color=”” color=””] It’s a wonderful feeling to have your helmet drenched in riding sweat after almost a week off the bike. Rahmat! I say to the police officer who is raffling my passports. He directs us around the warehouse, to the customs control proper. I happen to park […]

Sweat Flies And Caviar In The Volga Delta

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It is Europe’s longest river and it crosses world’s biggest country. Yes, we are in Russia. One month every year – half of May, half of June- the mighty  Volga gets mightier. We happen to be here slap in the middle of this flood season, after having spent days into the desert and the dry […]