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Hungry In Saigon

If you walk down any street in HCMC you will probably find some amazing street food: it basically makes life here worth living. But I say that the best place to eat in Saigon is a local market. We usually track it behind scores of open-air cafes, jam-packed with young locals idly passing time on any Sunday morning. We settle in […]

The Art of Rice

Bikepacking to the rice terraces of Yuanyang, a World Heritage site and one of the most photographed sights in China.

The Many Faces of Dali

We leave Shaxi reluctantly, wishing we could just rent a house and stay forever. As we make our way out of the valley and towards Dali, however, we must register that change is coming soon. An express highway is already being built. Soon delicate bridges like this one will stand next to a concrete colossus. I’ve […]

Falling in Love with Shaxi

A hunter’s home, I’ve known it since Mali, can be a sign of good luck. When we roll into Shaxi valley I realise that I was right. This is the China of my childhood imagination, even though according to most guidebooks and to the 134-word stub from Wikipedia, this pace is not even sure to […]
Cycling China Tibet Shangri La Ta Gong

South of Eden

We decide to reach Yangtze River via Baishuitai, Haba and Tiger Leaping Gorge, but first we head to the Shangri-la market. Such mountain passes and dizzying switchbacks require a serious caloric load. The typical Tibetan breakfast can definitely accomplish either that, or give me a heart attack. Jon favours a bawl of yak soup and […]