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Johannesburg & Drakensberg. Hiking Tugela Falls

24/12, The Drakensberg In the hip Maponeng district of Johannesburg the usual artsy-fartsy crowd gathers as we pack the tent, food supplies, several 5l water bottles and fill up the additional 40l tank. The kit should theoretically more than fulfill all our needs for the next three months, as we will make our way west, […]

Computer Says No

Did we think that the visa nightmare was over? Well, Ethiopian visa just started giving us headaches. Most overlanders get theirs in their home countries. Others DHL their passports. We have no Ethiopian embassy in Bucharest and as we write we are working to verify which EU mission covers for Romania. So far our emails have […]


Johannesburg 28/04 – 10/05 Jozi City was on our exit route towards Botswana. A must stop to shop for parts for the second half of our African tour, possibly service the bike (pushing 50K now) and apply for visas in the the jure capital of SAR, Pretoria. All the previous information on Johannesburg spoke of […]

The Swastica, The Ironman, The Metal Jockey and The Magician 1

Couchsurfing: Garden Route, Port Elizabeth, Somerset East 11 – 15/04 We had left from Cape Agulhas in good spirits, but at that time of the year the day was short and evenings too chilly for our summer gear. I had lost my gloves long time ago, in Windhoek, and my spare pair had been baked […]

Edge of Africa

Cape Town – Cape Agulhas 01- 10/04 The first men who ventured into the southern seas were spellbound by the wild beauty of the peninsula: flowers, herbs, woods, elephants, hippos. Since the advent of pastoralists, the original peninsular Khoi vanished, the wild herds were wiped out and much of the endemic vegetation has been uprooted […]