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Johannesburg & Drakensberg. Hiking Tugela Falls

24/12, The Drakensberg In the hip Maponeng district of Johannesburg the usual artsy-fartsy crowd gathers as we pack the tent, food supplies, several 5l water bottles and fill up the additional 40l tank. The kit should theoretically more than fulfill all our needs for the next three months, as we will make our way west, […]

Into Botswana

A wilderness safari into Botswana to warm-up before leading our first ever 4x4 tour


Today we mark 2 years since disaster hit right on the day we were set to go to Africa. Surgery, motorbike destroyed, plans reset by 9 bleak months. But today we are also lucky to celebrate 2 awesome full-throttle years of adventure and self-discovery. Thank you all for following, thank you Mother Africa!

The Beautiful Freaks of Cappadocia

Turkey 28 – 30/07 About half-morning on the fourth day since we had climbed aboard, the ship was not alone anymore. The sea appeared to be as changeless as always, but in the early haze of sun, a couple of ships – of which not a glimpse had been given before – littered the horizon. […]

Cape Town To Cairo by motorbike. Done!

We need to admit this upfront: Cape Town to Cairo by motorbike was a fast ride. It’s been hard to wrap our heads around it, with countries changing sometimes on a weekly basis. The East route is arguably considered The Easy One. Partly because you can basically drive a fully automatic city car all the […]