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Archive of month: September 2014


Pepper Freedom

Xi’an Bound If you’re a masochist, I’ve got a tip for you: the Trans-Siberian has little in the way of a challenge. Fight for a train ticket in China and travel during the Golden Week. Killva takes us to the train station with a long face that says either I feel your pain or I […]

Mission to China

It's the 25th of September and we are on a plane to Beijing. After roaming Africa and Central Asia on motorcycles, sitting on a chair up in the air is not how we envisioned our first arrival in China.

Malaria, A complete guide

“What about malaria?” It’s one of the most frequently thing people ask when they hear about our stints into the bush. What you need to know about malaria The disease is endemic to the area between the two tropics, including countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Central America and the backpackers’ darling, South-East Asia. But in al […]