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Archive of month: June 2013


Haunted Castles in Wonderland

Five hairpins ahead of us. Some go up, others go down. Go slow, will you? says John. The road is not the most forgiving, but at least it is dry. This morning we are alone on the mountain. John looks like he’s having a blast. I’m taking it slow. Since we left I can’t help […]

Where Pigs Roam Free

A Lada, ages old and so worn out that rust free flows over its bonnet. Three trucks with Istanbul number plates, overloaded with merchandise. A moped – the seat covered in what used to be a sheep’s skin, the handlebars embellished with trinkets –  a Chinese vehicle that was made for the countryside. A 4×4, […]

The Other Side Of The Black Sea And The Home of The Turkish Tea

We already feel like home in this neighbourhood: we’re friends with the small shops owners, the tailor, the baker, the veggie salesman. But if we don’t want to let the cute felines keep peeing on our bike cover, we need to get going where we set out to go in the first place. Not without […]

Özgür’s Bosom

The first bushcamp makes the first victims amongst our kit. The wind blows one of the pads we were using as drybag support, then one of our cooking mugs cracks open. But no sweat, dude, because we are busy with some trail riding for breakfast: the 5 km of slops and rocky patches back to […]