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Archive of month: May 2013


… and Beyond

When in 2011 we had the idea to start blogging about our travels on motociclism.ro and advrider.com we needed a name for our thread. It was late in the night, we were tired, so we just called it  “Into The World – 2up around Africa and beyond” At that moment we had no idea what […]

In Limbo II

Almost immediately we open our first photographic show. Until the opening night we are a two man show, working our butts off to edit, crop and label and handle other curatorial bullshit. But on the 25th of October everything comes together with the help of many good people. A company sponsors our prints, a friend […]

In Limbo I

Romania 08/2012 – 04/2013  [dropcaps color=’#393939′ background_color=” border_color=” type=”]4[/dropcaps]20 days ago we were embarking on a motorbike ride around Africa. And before we knew it, we were back in Romania: you know how it is, good times end soon, the adrenaline rises fast and you suddenly wake up, drenched in sweat, with your head spinning… […]