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Archive of month: June 2012

Eat. Pay. Love

Tanzania 31/05 – 03/06/2012 Save your money. Tanzania wants your blood, sweat and tears. It wants you cash-drained and on the next plane to wherever you came from. This vast country boasts stellar safari destinations, a tropical archipelago with some of the best diving on the planet and the highest peak in Africa. We craned […]

Mozam’beach, Tsetse Flies And A Scorpion In My Pants

Mozambique 24-31/05/2012 African dust for breakfast? Heck to the yes! Test our Anakee tyre on some dirt? We got what we were in for. The rugged, kind of lonely road boasted fantastic scenery tho’: rocky outcrops, koppies and pinnacles rising up sheer from the flat countryside. We had arrived at the southern end of the […]

Ilha de Moçambique

Mozambique 23-24/05/2012 As the baobabs made way for the palm again, we reached the mesmerizing Ilha de Moçambique (pro­nounced ilea de musa’biki), the country’s original island capital and World Heritage Site since 1991. This is the unpolished gem of the African east coast: grand colonial architecture stands monument to a past, from the entrance to […]

Take a wild guess and tell us: where in Africa is this happening?

She says: ‘My back feels cold. Let’s turn.’ He says: ‘Look, there’s fog coming out of my mouth’ She says:‘Well, you know the polar ice caps are melting’ He says:‘Now my back is freezing’ She says:‘Who was the fool that said it’s hot on the Equator?’ He says:‘Fuck this shit, let’s go back’ They keep […]

Tudo Bem?

Mozambique 19-23/05/2012 With the exception of the Tete and Niassa provinces – where we would enter it – Mozambique lies within 300 km of its 2500 km coastline. Two thirds the size of South Africa, it lured us not only with its legendary tiger prawns that were supposed to be jumping straight into the pan along the […]