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Archive of month: May 2012

Botswana – Between Heaven And Earth

Crossing the border into the country where we would go back to our free camping routine was a bit of a hassle. No sign of the infamously laid-back Batswana. First, the VAT office in SAR had been shut down, so to claim the beefy 60 euros we were directed back to Pretoria. Then I had […]

Computer Says No

Did we think that the visa nightmare was over? Well, Ethiopian visa just started giving us headaches. Most overlanders get theirs in their home countries. Others DHL their passports. We have no Ethiopian embassy in Bucharest and as we write we are working to verify which EU mission covers for Romania. So far our emails have […]

Where Is The Most Lekker?

One of the most common questions people ask us is: ‘what is your favourite country in Africa?’.  Or, as the South-Africans say, ‘Where Is The Most Lekker?’ The reply always stuns. It is not South Africa, and it may make no sense to you, but let us explain why it’s not. I sit at the dinner […]

Thank You to Our South African Sponsors

[dropcaps color=’#393939′ background_color=” border_color=” type=”]A[/dropcaps]lmost two months in the South African cosmopolitan jungle has taken a toll on our wallets and moods. I guess we felt encouraged by Gui and we thought the corporate world would fall on its ass learning how we had arrived here with no sponsor, but it was not like that […]


Johannesburg 28/04 – 10/05 Jozi City was on our exit route towards Botswana. A must stop to shop for parts for the second half of our African tour, possibly service the bike (pushing 50K now) and apply for visas in the the jure capital of SAR, Pretoria. All the previous information on Johannesburg spoke of […]