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Archive of month: April 2012

Keeping It Real

Charl lives in Cape Town and is a keen rider. We could also say he is some sort of an urban priest, a welcoming guru to his Bikers’ Church, where he’s working to offer hope to many lost souls. He read our story on advrider.com and invited us for lunch. What a find! Charl has […]

Two Hundred And Seventy-five Sunrises

We have been riding across the longest inhabited continent on Earth for over 9 months, its time to share with you some interesting numbers. As you already know, [highlight color=’#393939′ background_color=’#ccff00′]this ride is not a race.[/highlight] We begun in Morocco, riding from the heights of the Atlas, to the fringes of the Sahara desert. We […]

A Song of Solitude

[dropcaps color=’#393939′ background_color=” border_color=” type=”]‘T[/dropcaps]his mountain land full of meadows and bright flowers is a joyful place. In the forest trees dance and monkeys play, birds give voice to all kind of beautiful song and bees weave and float. Delicious summer and winter rain cascades, Autumn and spring mists roll in, The rainbow sparkles might […]


Couchsurfing in East London & Durban 16 – 27/04 We left Avon Heights on a chilly morning, wearing almost everything that we’ve got. Across the mountain, then through some farmland and rocky trails, the ride to East London took the better part of the day. We reached tarmac again in the afternoon, stopped for another […]

The End of The Endless Summer 2

Cape Town 11- 21/03 We had lots of business to cater for: passport pages running out and a bike in need of spare parts. We payed a visit to the Romanina Consulate and the welcome was beyond any expectations. The Consul, Mr. Silviu Rogobete, made substantial efforts to offer us the best solution to be […]