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Archive of month: March 2012

Bucharest to Cape Town by motorbike

We’re in Cape Town, after a marathon from the Namibian capital: 84 hours and 1900 kilometers. Finally the first Romanian nomads arrived by bike in South Africa. The yellow moon, the original moon, shone ghostly upon the town and upon two oceans. We’re halfway, or maybe just at the beginning, of an incredible adventure that’s […]

Somewhere Under the Namibian Rainbow

Namibia 1st-11th of March Windhoek. We needed to leave asap the only place in the world where the names of Nelson Mandela and Robert Mugabe meet at the same crossroads. After all, we had come only to collect a visa (done!), and to locate a friendly garage and supplier for spares to do some maintenance […]

Into The Wild Africa

That’s how our day begun: hundreds of Springboks, dozens of giraffes and oryx. We had embarked, the two of us, plus Vital, on what was to become our own booze fueled Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas trip. First we needed to observe the tradition and drink a bottle of ginger spirit, to avoid a […]

Tour of Africa by motorbike goes to Cape Town

You Kick Us Out Through The Door, We Get Inside Through The Window [dropcaps color=’#393939′ background_color=” border_color=” type=”]T[/dropcaps]he cheap drama: 3 days of begging to get out referral visa applications in (a referral visa is a visa that must be approved by the embassy in your home country), 14 days of international calls and lies, […]

Pwned in Namibia?

[still] Namibia 14-24/02 Damaraland The gravel road unwound through some of the most thinly populated and driest Namibian countryside. Long before we ever learnt about this place and dreamt of riding our bike across, its native nomadic inhabitants, the hunter-gatherer San (Bushmen) and the herders Khoisan (Hottentots) had been almost entirely chased away by white […]