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Archive of month: December 2011

Into the DRC

In N’Kundi we were now local gods, so changing money, refueling and finding food was a child’s play. In DRC everybody “eats” the dollar, or the Congolese franc.

Congo Brazzaville 100% Off-Road

The first thing we heard entering Congo Brazzaville was “Donnez moi l’argent!”, a stark reminder that Congo Republic may be the richest of the two Congos, but it is still one of the poorest countries on earth.

Gabon – Crossing the Equator

We celebrated the National Day with the chilled and rather hip looking border officers who welcomed us to Gabon, and handed the first professionally printed immigration forms in Africa.

Mount Cameroon

Climbing Mount Cameroon in one day and a half on the Race Track and having a second attempt at fixing the motorbike.