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Dogon Country

In northern Mali, where the Sahel stretches a sandy plain up to Burkina Faso, lies the Dogon Country, home to the Dogon people, an ethnic group that lives generally undisturbed by civilization like they have been for a millennia.

Djenne, the Mall of West Africa

Djenne is an island on Bani river, and also an island of medieval civilization in the north-west of Mali, where world's largest mud-brick mosque rises.
Dogon - Country-IMG_2387

Mali – City vs. Village Life

Bamako is a sprawling metropolis, with scooters and cars entangled together in big traffic jams, with bridges thrown over the mighty Niger river which divides the capital in two.


Lonely Planet calls Mauritania “a place apart”, “a Muslim country with a black African twist” and the new traveler’s Shangri-la.