Keep your eyes peeled. The paperback English version of OYIBO will be soon available @Amazon.

OYIBO is the story of a couple embarking on a motorbike journey around Africa. In January 2010 John was stuck in bed, recovering from an Achilles tendon rupture. The challenge of learning how to walk again became the task of riding to Cape Town and back, but in October 2010, as the expedition was primed to take off, John was hit by a car. With the motorbike totalled, everything was reset by another 9 months. In June 2011 John and Ana finally left Into The World, and the nomadic adventure lasted for 14 months across 55,000km in 30 countries.
The English version will be released in early 2016 and the first two chapters are available as free Multimedia Book (English & Romanian).

The first two chapters focus on the early beginnings of the expedition and the month spent in Morocco.

Ana Hogas and Ionut Florea are open-hearted, white-knuckle travellers with a passion for people and an uncanny nose for adventure. Their 55,000-kilometer journey took them off the grid and into the beating heart of Africa.

Nick Thorpe, award-winning journalist for Sunday Times, BBC and Guardian, author of “Urban Worrier” and “Eight Men and a Duck”,



for iPad, 124 pages


For e-readers, 124 pages


408 pages, illustrated, in Romanian