The ultimate bolt-on package for KTM 690 Enduro and Enduro R is here.

A bold statement? Well… hit the trail on your KIT 690-ed bike and you’ll feel the high. To ride it is to love it, because KIT 690 is built and rally-proofed by enduro nerds who crave adventure, just like you do.

A KIT designed for your biggest adventures.
With the KIT on, you hit your goals fast and arrive there in style. KIT 690 package has the best weight to performance ratio on the market, offers high-end and factory OEM parts and the sexy carbon-fiber you see everywhere is no fluff, but employed to spare you for the hard adventures ahead.

Tick boxes you didn’t know existed.

Holy 690! You have two KIT models to choose from, both offering increased range, a beefed-up engine, powerful lights and a versatile console for your navigation tools and gizmos, all safely protected from the world by a see-through fairing dressed in knockout designs. How hard you ride and how far you go is entirely up to you.

Lean. Streamlined. Precise.

Complex design made simple.

KIT 690 is the first of its kind: 100% bolt-on and doesn’t require a tech to mount. All brackets and the nav tower integrate seamlessly on the donor bike and we saved tons of weight with light materials and OEM factory parts.
Let’s awaken the beast.

Power boost.

Tweak the hardware: rally camshaft, our CF airbox with TwinAir foam filter (Dakar-Rally set-up), custom TIG-welded exhaust header + free-flowing silencer. Then hack the core: remap the ECU and install a Bazzaz Z-AFM self mapper (+ Z-Fi fuel controller for ’14-’16 KTMs), for more power to your throttle.
No lag. No compromise.

360° quality

Our CAD reverse-engineering method ensures accuracy down to the last millimeter. We process the data with the industry’s leading software and implement our design using the lightest best materials available. Finally we rally-proof the KIT, to test that it will deliver both power, and emotion.

KIT 690 Adventure

Transforms the most versatile adventure vehicle into a fun, powerful go-anywhere motorbike.


KIT 690 Rally

The most comprehensive package to build your own capable yet low-maintanance rally-raid machine.

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