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Our Story So Far


We decide to unplug from our career in architecture and to leave for Africa by motorbike. A series of accidents give us the necessary kick in the arse. Learn why and how from our free multimedia book. Click below to download.


2-up Around Africa
We spend the first month in medieval medinas, in the High Atlas and in the pink dunes of Morocco, and we go fishing in Mauritania‘s Sahara. We visit the Dogon people in Mali and discover an artsy tribe in Burkina Faso. Later we fall in love with Togo and flee voodoo in Benin. In Nigeria we meet Fela Kuti’s son and the president, and volunteer for a primate conservation project. We climb a mountain in Cameroon and cross the Equator in Gabon, then we go off the grid in the two Congo, only to find a home away from home in Zambia, at Victoria Falls. In Namibia we meet the Himba people, cross world’s oldest desert and second largest canyon, reaching the southernmost point of the journey at Cape Agulhas in South Africa. On the way up, from Cape to Cairo, we ride on the roof of Africa in Lesotho, witness the Okavango Delta in flood in Botswana, revisit Zambia, ride on rails in Mozambique and sail by dhow from mainland Tanzania to Zanzibar. In Kenya and Ethiopia we face inclement weather and discover an African Holy City. After riding in 54°C across Sudan‘s Nubian desert, we end the tour with the Egyptian Pyramids and Turkey’s Cappadocia.
We speak about our journey around Africa at TEDx Bucharest, exhibit photos and write travel stories for several publications. But Africa cracked our Pandora box. 420 days of riding and wild-camping cannot be unknown. So we decide to do it again.


Silk Road to Mongolia
We sell the old Tenere that clocked 55.000km in Africa, and set off on adventurised KTM 690 Enduro R and Suzuki DRZ 400. Remaining true to our nomadic lifestyle, we wild-camp our way across Turkey, Georgia, Russia and Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, almost Afghanistan, then Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia.
We ride across a land of enormous scale, cultural vibrancy and harsh contrast. Every stage brings a new challenge, and the Wakhan Corridor is our most vivid encounter with the Central Asian enduro playground. In Ulaabaatar John succumbs to the lure of the B.A.M., a remote place that is the definition of adventure. So while Ana rides to Lake Baykal, he heads off into the Siberian wilderness.

Siberian Shakedown
With eastern tundra devastated by one of the wettest seasons on record, and with the Old Summer Road to Magadan obstructed, John targets the infamous Baikal-Amur Mainline tract, a.k.a. the B.A.M. This is where roads end and real adventure begins. And where for John everything goes haywire.
As John hits the Western B.A.M., he discovers his motorbike frame severely fractured. Siberia is already a place where terms “road” or “bridge” find a completely new meaning, and John has to explore it on a bike with a welded frame. This adventure includes plenty of vodka, countless water crossings, a brush with death and finally a geeky rebuild of the 690 Enduro R from the ground up.


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